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British Exit: What if Britain choose the hard way?

After two years of the historical vote for leaving the Europe, it is officially planned that the United Kingdom (UK) will depart at 11 pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019. Until now the UK and the Eropean Union were negotiating to make of this divorce a win-win situation.

The future relations between the EU and the UK are still unclear, therefore both sides agreed on a transition period (from 29 March, 2019, to 31 December, 2020) in order to have a vision and set some rules and agreements between the two sides. Until then, as the EU wanted, the free movement will continue to happen. 
Meanwhile, by the time of the key EU summit that will take place on the 18th of October 2018, both parts are hoping to agree on the important points, such as travelling and security, to be able to make a deal before Britain leaves.
However, it is to note that whether deal or no deal, Britain will leave the EU on the expected date. This brings up the question: what if the UK chooses the hard exit and leaves with no deal?
In the case of a “hard” exit, business and economy will be affected, in fact, cease of free circulation of goods between UK and EU will take place which means the goods will costumed and checked, then technically there will be long check queues on the border for travellers. Also a Value Added Tax (VAT) must be paid, which can lead to affect the cash flow.
And because Britain might not get enough time to create new regulations for air safety, medicines, nuclear materials, food and car inspection, the importation of these last two might be interrupted, while importing cancer treatments and flying aircrafts is not likely to happen.
Coming to nuclear, the UK is willing to create a new safeguard regime which all the operators must comply with. And all the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) ownership will have an end in the UK.
The two parts are hoping to avoid on no-deal exit for its inconvenience on both sides, even though the hardline Brexiteers are happy with the idea of trading with EU, this divorce might hurt everyone if not resolved in a way that can make it manageable.

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