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'Green Way' to increase number of tourists: Rize Governor

"Green Way Project" will increase the number of tourists, says Rize Governor Erdogan Bektas.

Rize Governor Erdogan Bektas inspected highlands’ ways in Rize Province which are the part of “Green Way Project”, a project will connect eight cities’ highlands to each other in Turkey’s Black Sea region.
Governor Erdogan Bektas examined the ways on-site in Rize’s Findikli district, said Governorship of Rize in a statement.
Emphasized Kackar Mountains had an impressive natural beauty, Governor Bektas said they aimed at making easier the transportation to this peerless geography, according to the statement.
In the same statements, Governor Bektas also called visitors’ attention to the Kackar Mountains’ surprise weather conditions and said: “Everything could change at any moment there [Kackar Mountains]. You should get ready for all kinds of weather conditions. This case adds different richness to the Kackar Mountains.”
"Green Way Project" will interconnect the highlands of Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Gümüşhane, Samsun, Artvin and Bayburt Province in Black Sea region. Investment value of the projects costs 700 million Turkish Liras.
The aim of the project was to draw attentions to natural beauties in high altitude, added Governor Erdogan Bektas in the statement.

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