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Istanbul's mosques ready for Ramadan

All the mosques located in Istanbul will host several events during Ramadan.

In all the Istanbul’s mosques, “guidance programs” will be held for the evaluation of Ramadan, Istanbul Office of Mufti said.
Outstanding sweet-voiced hafizs, who have learnt the Quran by heart, will read the Holy Book at 23 mosques in the city. In addition, the Quran will be interpreted.
Published the names of the districts and the mosques where events will be held, the office of mufti aims to create a different Ramadan sense and perception in each mosque.
The month of Ramadan will start this night. The first tarawih prayer will be performed on Tuesday evening, on May 15.
According to iftar time in Turkey, people who live in Hakkari Province will break fast earliest, while others in Edirne Province will have fast-breaking meal latest.
During Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink between dawn and sunset that is called fasting.

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