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Rich People Who Have Done A Lot Of Plastic

I think we are all tired of hearing this, but media is the source of all good AND evil. Another thing that media has targeted in the minds of people is the thirst for a perfect face or body. People, especially women feel targeted and insecure about their faces and bodies and thrive to make it “perfect”.

The illusion of perfection has made women lose all sense. And really why won’t they? We are living in an era where women’s bodies are objectified and they are judged not on their personalities but their big ass and faces. And in a need to be accepted by the society, women lose countless nights in depression.

People have found a way to overcome this problem, its plastic surgery. People are spending billions on achieving the perfect body and face, and they feel good about it. They say it makes them more confident and now they can get rid of all their problems.

People find cosmetic surgery more appealing than therapy. And think that plastic surgery has finer results than therapy. It has been taken as the new trend. And you will find people of all ages partaking in it. But not all can afford it.

I am going to show you 6 famous rich people who filled themselves up with plastic.

Vinny Ohh


Born in Los Angeles, California , Vinny Ohh always felt like an outcast and believed plastic surgery to be the solution. He is a renowned makeup artist for getting over 60 procedures. He spent over $160,000 in surgeries to look like how he does now.

Not only that, he wants to transform into an alien to remove the gender question once and for all because he feels limited and bounded when people refer to him as a he or she. He has been discussing with the surgeons about removing his genital organs and is also entertaining the fact about removing his nipples and bellybutton.

Pixee Fox


From North Carolina, Pixee Fox wanted to follow her dream and that was to look like the cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit”. She got viral when her video of “having 6 of her ribs removed to get the slimmest waist” was released. She did not only stop there and got tons of other surgeries which includes; two eyelid surgeries, one labiaplasty, Brazilian butt lift, brow lift, sculpting procedure, four breast surgeries and many lip and cheek injections.

Pixee Fox worked as an electrician but after having all these surgeries, she changed her profession to a stripper. She accepts that a lot of these procedures were very painful and now she cannot eat a lot of hard foods, which needs to be blended into a smoothie for her tiny stomach to digest. She spent over $120,000 on her surgeries and wants to achieve a waist size of 14 inches.

Blondie Bennett

From California, 38 year old Blondie Bennett, has accomplished her dream to look like a real-life Barbie by having 5 breast enlargement surgery and much more. She has had cheek implants, liposuction and botox.

And she doesn’t want to stop! She wants her breast to grow larger but due to a condition called Symmastia , which causes your breast or breast implants to merge, she is unable to do so. Blondie believes in the fact that barbies are dumb and only care about their looks and shopping, for that reason she takes hypnotherapy classes to lower her IQ level.

She has spent over $38,000 on these surgeries and is still hopeful that she can convince the doctors to carry out with the breast enlargement surgery.

Adam Daniel

From Los Angeles, California, 31 year old Adam Daniel spent over $75,000 to look like Madonna. He has performed thousands of shows impersonating Madonna for over 12 years. He has had many procedures like chin and jaw implants, brow lifts and fillers.

He was obsessed with Madonna since his teen years and even has a wardrobe filled with her iconic outfits. Even though he is not supported by his mother and boyfriend, he doesn’t plan to stop and loves everything about what he is doing.

Thalia Almodovar

Thalia Almodovar is a transgender, who was born male. She was confused about her sexuality in her teenage years and started transitioning in high school. She got breast implants and butt enhancement surgery. After those procedures people started comparing her to her idol Kim Kardashian.

She spent over $31,000 to have a wardrobe as Kim Kardashian. She enjoys the fame and is thinking to get a job as Kim Kardashian’s look alike.

Monique Allen


58 years old Monique Allen swears off cosmetic surgery after having ruined her life. She is a transgender and got gender reassignment surgery at the age of 22. Since then she has gotten 23 nose jobs and 9 breast implants.

After all these procedures she had trouble walking and is now disabled. She had 12 liters of silicon pumped in her body and is now spending over $120,000 to get that silicon removed. She admits that she got so addicted, that she started having unsupervised surgeries by doctors who were not regulated.

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