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US to open embassy in Jerusalem on May 14

US Embassy to Israel will be opened in Jerusalem on May 14

The US Department of State proclaimed its embassy to Israel moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be opened on May 14.
In a written statement, the US Department of State said: "We are proud of opening our embassy to Israel in Jerusalem on May 14. Ambassador David Friedman will preside at this process, and the Presidential delegation will be led by Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and advisors Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump."
Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan would meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the statement said.
For the embassy, some address signboards were placed on some streets in Jerusalem.
The Palestine Liberation Organization’s Secretary-General Saib Ureykat called state agents, diplomats and non-governmental organizations for a boycott of official launch of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14.
The US is expected to use the consulate in Jerusalem as a temporary center until the new building is constructed.
The US President Donald Trump in a press conference held at the White House declared ‘Jerusalem was the capital of Israel’ and ordered to move US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
The decision of the US administration sparked off reaction in the United Nations Security Council and across the world.

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